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Archiving, Backup & Fax
Easy-to-use business backup software with effortless restore

Easy-to-use business backup software

GFI's business backup software GFI Backup™ 2010 – Business Edition, presents administrators with an innovative approach to meet network data backup and restore requirements without incurring the cost, time and accessibility issues normally associated with traditional backup solutions.

Easy to install

GFI Backup is a fast, full-featured network business backup software solution which applies comprehensive data backup, restore and synchronization functionality to all files, web, Microsoft SQL servers and more. Using an intuitive wizard-driven, point-and-click configuration, GFI Backup can be installed in minutes and backups created with minimal effort.

Centralized configuration and backups management

Through GFI Backup’s central web-based administration console, administrators can configure and implement company-wide backup policies in a single task. Additionally, through the product’s agent component, users can easily create their own personal backup and restore tasks, over and above the centrally-created default backups. GFI Backup’s agent also enables users to automatically synchronize their files and folders across their desktop workstations, laptops, servers, and external drives.

No vendor lock-in compression format

GFI Backup uses standard Zip64 file format when instructed to compress and archive, allowing for data to be easily restored should the software not be installed on the machine or device required for recovery. This offers a great advantage over other backup solutions which use a proprietary compression format, effectively locking-in the user, because administrators do not need GFI Backup solution installed to recover data from backups.

Why Choose GFI Backup - Business Edition as your backup software?

  • Fast, efficient, full-featured backup, restore and synchronization solution
  • Ease of configuration and maintenance
  • Apply a single backup task to all your web, SQL, file servers, etc.
  • Back up to all popular storage devices; plus offsite backup storage via FTP
  • Effortless, fast restore thanks to its use of non-proprietary standard Zip archives
  • Web-based administration interface
  • Restore function allows selective retrieval of individual files, folders, directories, full or individual backups

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