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Networking & Security
Control of iPods, USB sticks and Other Endpoint Devices

Protect Your Network from Portable Devices such USB drives, iPods, and PDAs

According to the Ponemon Institute, 59% of people who lost their job admitted to taking confidential company information with them either on DVD or using USB drives. The proliferation of consumer devices such as iPods, USB devices, Smart Phones and more, has dramatically increased the risk of intentional and unintentional data leaks and other malicious activity. While most companies have anti-virus software, firewalls, email and web content security to protect against external threats, few realize how easy it is for an employee to simply walk in and copy large amounts of sensitive data onto an iPod or USB stick. There is also an increased risk of malicious and other illegal software introduction to your network through these devices. Of course your administrator could lock down all ports, an ill-advised, difficult and unsustainable solution.

Prevent Data Theft and Virus Infection from within with Endpoint Security Software

Many businesses are unaware of, or choose to ignore, the threat presented by portable devices in their network environment until some event, ranging from unfortunate to catastrophic, happens. In hard economic times, cybercrime and data leakage increase and endpoints are an easy target. The key to managing portable devices in your business environment is to give your administrators direct control over what devices are in use on your network. With GFI EndPointSecurity™ you not only gain control over what is in use but you also know what has been used and by who, and most importantly you gain in-depth knowledge of what data has been copied.

Control Portable Device Access to Your Network with GFI EndPointSecurity

GFI EndPointSecurity allows administrators to actively manage user access and log the activity of:

  • Media players, including iPods, Creative Zen and others
  • USB drives, CompactFlash, memory cards, CDs, floppies & other portable storage devices
  • PDAs, BlackBerry handhelds, mobile phones, smart phones and similar communication devices
  • Network cards, laptops and other network connections.



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Product Highlights

  • Prevent data leaks and theft by comprehensively controlling access to portable storage devices with minimal administrative effort
  • Prevent introduction of malicious and other unauthorized software to the network
  • Gives administrators greater control - you can block devices by class, file extensions, physical port or device ID
  • Allows administrators to grant temporary device or port access for a stipulated timeframe
  • Support for 32 & 64-bit platforms: Including Windows Vista and latest RC of Windows Server 2008